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January 18, 2019

inner circles - part two



episode 638 is part two of a series surrounding my 2018 homemade project "inner circles." sadly, the final song mixes remain more in-flux than i wish they were, but i'm actively working to improve. if all goes well, this series will end with the true final versions in hand.


i'm sincerely thankful for your patience + kindness,

+ for taking the time to be here.


i hope you'll listen.


mid-post p.s. - the original (flawed) mixes remain @ simplemuzik.com

(to be replaced as soon).


the series (so far):

part one is - episode 637.

part two is - episode 638.

tonight's songs:

- yes and no (inner circles, podcast re-remix)

- facing up (inner circles, podcast remix)

- she understood (inner circles, podcast remix)




January 11, 2019

inner circles - part one

hello friends,


this week begins a series through the songs from my 2018 homemade project titled "inner circles." i'll be playing the songs in the order they appear, reading the lyrics, + talking a bit about where they came from, how they feel now, etc.


unexpectedly, i'm also frantically re-mixing and mastering the tracks in an attempt to put them out with the best possible representation.


i'm thankful you're here,

+ hope you join me... :)


part one is - episode 637.

the songs:

- all grown up (inner circles, podcast remix)

- drifting (inner circles, podcast remix)

- yes and no (inner circles, podcast remix)





p.s. for now, the first (substandard) mixes of the album remain @ simplemuzik.com, but they'll be replaced as soon as i re-finalize things... ;)

January 04, 2019

hello 2019



welcome to the new year and episode 636. this week finds me experimenting a bit with the possibilities of garageband + turning my focus toward the 2019 songs-to-be.


if all goes to plan, next week should feature part one of a series surrounding my 2018 homemade project called "inner circles."


for a pre-listen, you can check the songs @ simplemuzik.com


i hope you'll join me... :)

the songs:

- dead weight (2019 demo)

- this is how you love me (2019 demo)

- horsefeathers (2019 demo of a 2003 song)




December 28, 2018

goodbye baby blue



as promised, episode 635 is a mini christmas-with-kris-hauch aftershow, featuring a few more songs kris and i discussed over the course of the series that didn't quite make the final cut.


norway house - @ facebook

theme music - @ facebook

the new album - goodbye baby blue thing


if haven't already listened, you can still hear the entire holiday series at:


part one - episode 633

part two - episode 634


thanks again to kris hauch, norway house, and the song-contributors!


i hope you'll listen.

tonight's songs:

- secret lovers

- i've been alone

- all by myself





p.s. - my 2018 project (inner circles) is now available @ simplemuzik.com