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February 17, 2017

the (almost) top ten



as promised, episode 538 is a change of pace. quite happily, it finds me amidst movie thoughts and recommendations from 2016. this week is limited to some of my runner's up (aka: almost favorite) selections, and next week will be the formal top ten.


as mentioned, links are below!


not seen, but anticipated:

- silence

- elle

- jackie

- one more time with feeling


the almost favorites

(not in particuar order):

- captain fantastic

- hail, caesar!

- knight of cups

- weiner

- sing street

- phenom

- blue jay

- maggie's plan

- peter and the farm


i hope you'll join me.




February 10, 2017

cat eyes 12-13



episode 537 is the final podcast in the "cat eyes" series.


my sincere thanks to all who've been with me over the past five weeks.


i hope you'll listen!





p.s. - this is - man on wire, and this is - philipe petit

February 03, 2017

cat eyes 10-11



this week's podcast is part four of the cat eyes series (songs 10-11).


it's episode 536.


next week will be the final installment!


i hope you'll stay with me.




January 27, 2017

cat eyes 7-9



this week brings us to part three of thoughts inspired by cat eyes.


songs 7-9.


episode 535.


i hope you'll listen.




January 20, 2017

cat eyes 4-6



tonight's podcast is part two of me + some ramblings/feelings related to cat eyes. this week picks up where last week left off - songs 4-6.


it's episode 534.


i hope you'll listen.





p.s. - this is - marina abramovic

January 13, 2017

cat eyes 1-3



i'm honored to share part one of a podcast commentary series surrounding my 2016 homemade album, titled cat eyes. i've rattled on in anticipation for some weeks now, and am happy to finally submit the project for your consideration.


tonight's focus is on songs 1-3, and part two will pick up where this one leaves off.


it's episode 533.


i hope you'll join me.





p.s. - related, this is the movie - solaris (the 2002, remake), and this is - the 1972 original.

January 06, 2017

time warp

hello friends,


welcome to 2017 - i hope your year is off to a good start! i thought it'd be nice to start the year with an impromptu live podcast mini-concert. episode 532 is it.


it's just me + a guitar + five songs.


the songs are:

- all the wrong reasons (1999)

- when your heart is broken (2002)

- orion in december (2017)

- there is a place (2004)

- over the hills (2000)


this is - orion

this is - cat eyes


i hope you'll listen.