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November 15, 2019




episode 681 finds me in the midst of mixing + mastering my 2019 homemade project.


at the moment, i'm lost within the details,

trying to find the right balance,

+ thankful you're here.


i hope you'll listen!

tonight's songs:

- over + out (demo, 2018)

- heart shaped (mix-master demo, 2019)

- sometimes yr wrong (lost demo, 2010)




November 08, 2019

yes it is



episode 680 centers around a new song + an old feeling.


come on jesus


i should've just told you

what kind of secret

did you think that i had?

i wasn't foolin' nobody, was i?

from the valley or across the bay

obsessed with this feeling

these parents of mine

i couldn't obey

so, come on jesus,

if that's who you were,

come and make it ok

but, i'm no longer waiting

let them draw the terms

while we walk away...


is it possible for a love to last forever?

yes, it is.


look at all the atoms

firing right through

what we couldn't say

see, someone's gotta say it

before all these rocks decide

to cry it all out

me, reading the bible

what i see's a tired attack

or perhaps a salt shaker

a bracelet with your name

you're not going back

see, it's not about you

is it jesus?

ain't that the fact...


is it possible for a love to last forever?

yes, it is.

is it possible for a love to last forever?

yes, it is.

is it possible for a love to last forever?

yes, it is.


i hope you'll listen.

the songs:

- come on jesus (new song, 2019)

- everything revolves around absence (2019)

- song about a sunset (demo, 2011)




November 01, 2019

just us



episode 679 has landed with some songs inspired by a long week of not feeling well. fingers crossed, the worst is over, and i'm on the path toward full recovery.


i hope you'll join me!

the songs:

- unreal (demo, 2019)

- voices (fever demo, 2019)

- bodies (fever demo, 2019)




October 25, 2019




this week is episode 678.

it finds me fighting a fever,

experimenting with songwriting,

+ some (hopefully)

related tangents.


i'm off for some much-needed rest,

and will be back next week.


in the meantime,

hope you'll join me!

the songs:

- gone missing (fever demo, 2019)

- seagulls (new song demo, 2019)

- unreal (new song demo, 2019)

- heart shaped (fever demo, 2019)