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November 20, 2020

no such place



episode 734 is a small one.


just me,

sharing a song from today,

+ thinking about a few others

with the benefit of some distance.


tonight's songs:

- sand (cat eyes, 2016)

- no such place (demo, 2020)

- all the wrong reasons (demo, 2002)


if you haven't already,

yr invited to check out last week's

discussion with my friend kris hauch

(of the band norway house)

@ episode 733.


you can find kris' new album

deep state dreams @ bandcamp,

+ find norway house videos

@ youtube.


thank you for being here.





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November 13, 2020

surprise kris!



episode 733

features a surpise visit

from my friend kris hauch

(of the band norway house).


it's an hour+ of

pre-election predictions,

chat about life in 2020,



so on,



most importantly,

we explore the new

norway house album,

titled - deep state dreams.


the songs:

- buried in a lighthouse - see the video

- karen's revenge - see the video

- a fine time for turning

- so sad to be there - see the video

- put us away - see the video


you can find the full album @ bandcamp.


my heartfelt thanks to kris,

all of his song contributors,

and you,

for being here.


i hope you'll - listen in.





ps - this is simplemuzik @ apple podcasts.


pps - if all goes to plan, kris will be back soon for our annual "xmas with kris" xtravaganza (where we'll continue the "deep state dreams" discussion)... stay tuned!

November 06, 2020




episode 732

welomes november

with a surprise





looking back

sure had my chances

and well i lost



get no brilliant

tapestry of choice


but i got to

be there with you

remember when we kissed


and we had

some awful good times

and then the ones like this...




well you sure

stuck with me, girl

some bad times, they did too


and i wonder

if you'd forgive me

for all that stuff i did


and i wonder

if someday

you might think of me


and if you do

i hope you'd say yes,

one last imagined gift...




thank you for being here.


i hope you'll - join me.


the songs:

- wagon wheels (cat eyes, 2016)

- brilliant (demo, 2020)

- bird (h-nd t- g-d, 2017)





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October 30, 2020

blue sky



episode 731

brings me to three songs

from three decades.


i'm very humbled,

+ thankful

to have had the opportunity

to change.


i'm glad yr here,

+ hope you'll - join me.


the songs:

- deja vu (faux "live" version from 2003)

- doubled (alt version from "splitting," 2015)

- sky above me (by armerdings & russell, 1993)





ps - as a general reminder, this is simplemuzik @ apple podcasts.