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December 14, 2018

xms w xrs - part 1



i'm honored + very happy to present part one of this year's annual christmas-with-kris podcast series! kris hauch (of the band norway house) joins us to celebrate the season along with new stories from his songwriting and collaoration adventures, + a newly released album, goodbye baby blue thing.


its episode 633!


heartfelt thanks to kris hauch, norway house, and all of the song-contributors!


i hope you'll take a listen, enjoy, and visit the related links:


- goodbye baby blue thing - at bandcamp

- norway house - at facebook

- artist bates bates (aka: batesx2) - at facebook

- theme music - at facebook

- kenny loggins (+ messina) - angry eyes

the songs:

- don't wake me up (live-from-xmas-past)

- be there when

- secret lovers (live-in-podcast!)

- racing heart

- my heart isn't breaking (live-in-podcast!)

- haircut and facial

- my heart isn't breaking (album version)




December 07, 2018

re: those failures



the first week of december brings me to episode 632.


it's a short one - just me, some old songs, and a strange sense of resolution.


recognizing the certainty of my (obvious + many) failures brings strange equal and opposite feelings to mind:


1) disappointment + loathing + embarrassment.

2) awe + gratitude for the odd beauty that's still around it.


it's often a lonely feeling,

but we're not alone.


i hope you'll listen.

the songs:

- mean (demo fom 201?)

- mean (night beach, 2011)

- anyway, i never meant it (factory sessions ep, 2003)




November 30, 2018

some goodbyes



the heart of tonight's podcast is anchored by a song i feel good about.


feelings can be hard to make sense of,

and it feels good to stumble on moments that help move us forward,

or portray an element of a truth you can't otherwise explain, or

i hope you know what i mean.


i'd love it if you'd share episode 631 with me.

the songs:

- i don't wanna be happy (no more), [night beach, 2011]

- crescent city, [2018 demo]

- i been dreaming, [2015 demo of a 2007-ish?? song)




November 23, 2018




episode 630 has landed.


it's me + a few songs + some thoughts about gratitude.


thanksgiving is good thing.


i hope you'll listen.

the songs:

- a true story of astonishing luck (night beach, 2011)

- * (pick yr battles, 2010)

- outrageous & austere (lost demo, 2014)




November 16, 2018

catch 22



episode 629 centers around a few songs of regret, loss, love, so on.


i imagine most of us relate to feeling caught between impossible choices, where right and wrong twist into inseparable circles, where it's both and neither, or who knows?? somewhere in-between, i guess.


memories like that can haunt us.

they do me, anyway.


if you can, i hope you'll join me.

the songs:

- sanchez & 29th (splitting, 2015)

- dragonfly (lost demo, 2015)

- all i know's i got it wrong (lost demo, 2013)