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November 09, 2018

yoko ono



episode 628 centers around my appreciation for the artist-musician yoko ono, and her new just-released album titled "warzone." as mentioned, i'm aware that much of culture doesn't hear yoko as i do. i think i understand (mostly) why that is... and yet, even if that's you, i hope you'll maybe give her another chance???


this is - yoko ono

the album - warzone

read - a review

the book - grapefruit


new song - now or never

now or never - original 70's version

new song - it's gonna rain (my favorite!!)

it's gonna rain - original 80's version

new song - i love all of me

i love all of me - original 80's version

the iconic - imagine (yoko's new-solo version)


i hope you'll take a listen.

tonight's songs:

- friends (cat eyes, 2016)

- love is something you can do all on yr own (deep, deeper, deepest, 2014)

- the problem is i want it all (lip service, 2013)




November 02, 2018




welcome to november! the end of the year is nearly upon us, and i'm continuing to work through final mixing + mastering of my still-in-progress 2018 songs.


in-between, episode 627 is here - it's me + a lost demo from the past + a few forgotten unfinished songs from this (just recently) past september.


i'm thankful you're with me,

+ hope you'll listen.

the songs:

- there are real reasons (long-lost demo, 2012)

- beaker (soon-to-be-lost demo, 2018)

- however (demo, september 2018)




October 26, 2018


hello friends,


episode 626 is here, and along with it, i'm happy to report that the recording process for my 2018 homemade project is complete. i'm in the midst of transitioning toward final mixing + mastering + (happily) re-discovering the songs anew in their mature form.


i hope you'll join me!

the songs:

- telegraph (don't even try, 2012)

- as a reminder, sorrow is perfectly ordinary (don't even try, 2012)

- clearly misplaced (don't even try, 2012)




October 19, 2018




this week's podcast finds me a bit under the weather, and still in the throes of recently encountering the 1955 movie ordet (directed by carl theodor dreyer).


it's episode 625.


i hope you'll join me.


see - the trailer

see - a brief review

and - another

the songs:

- not even g-d can forget (lip service, 2013)

- i.c. (in-process drum demo, 2018)

- because of love (lip service, 2013)




October 12, 2018

who are we?



episode 624 is inspired by the feeling of being misunderstood, a poem by emily dickinson, and (tangentially) the 2017 movie princess cyd.


i'm thankful you're here,

and hope you'll listen.


read - the poem

see - the trailer

the songs:

- as it turns out (a fish may love a bird, 2005)

- just you (a fish may love a bird, 2005)

- just my luck (a fish may love a bird, 2005)